The Habitat


Laguna Farm is named in honor of the Laguna de’ Santa Rosa, the most biologically diverse region of Sonoma County. The laguna drains a 254-square-mile watershed consisting of much of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol and Forestville.

This watershed is a winter resting point for tens of thousands of migratory birds who rely on the flood waters in the winter for its food. Spring and summer months invite songbirds to shelter, breed and nest. The Laguna is home to more than 200 species of birds ranging from bald eagles to hummingbirds. Home to rare and endangered salmon, steel-head, salamanders, snakes, dragonflies, bees, native plants, mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, mink, badger, river otter, and a tremendous number of incredibly vocal frogs.

Many have tended this land before us, including farmers, ranchers and Native American tribes consisting of Miwok, Pomo, and Wappo. These waters have changed dramatically during the cycle of human interaction and use. It is our goal to contribute to a thriving laguna for all to enjoy. By farming in harmony with the seasonal flood-waters, preventing soil erosion, planting native trees, shrubs and grasses, we lend our hand to nature in a gesture of well-being and harmony.


Please visit The Laguna Foundation and join us in this effort.