Locally, Sustainably Grown


Our growing standards

We are proud and honored to be your family’s farmers and to supply your table with fresh living, pesticide free food. We take seriously the responsibility to produce the highest quality produce without the use of toxic chemistry. Please accept our invitation to ‘tour’ our farm and learn how we grow!

Here you will see a diverse ecosystem of symbiotic elements working together. From the deeply rooted native oak trees, the native plants, the habitat for beneficial birds, insects and animals to the fallow land that rebuilds soil health. Our soil is nourished by the replenishing flood waters of the Laguna de’ Santa Rosa along with the application of organic local compost and beneficial cover crops.

Growing in a four-season agriculture climate offers us the opportunity to harvest for market and our CSA year-round. Our resable plastic hoop houses enhance the warmth of the sun and protect from autumn’s early frosts. A protective blanket of Remay or “cover cloth” protect young starts from cucumber beetles, light frost, weed seeds, birds and deer.

It is important to us to build a healthy ecosystem on our farm and grow flavorful, nutrient dense vegetables in a way that respects our environment. Fallow land, habitat restoration, soil building techniques, solar power, crop rotation, seed saving, local distribution and community building are just but a few ways Laguna Farm is participating in this vision.