June 26, 2012


Laguna Farm Newsletter

Laguna Farm CSA

1764 Cooper Road
Sebastopol, California

(707) 823-0823   

June 19, 2012 

     After reading last week’s newsletter and hearing our concerns over the huge reduction in CSA numbers due to “vacation skips”, many members opted to donate their CSA box to either the Ceres Project or Food For Thought.  Thank you so much for your consideration! Our CSA is stabilizing, and while we are still looking for new members, we are feeling better about where we are at and appreciate the generosity of our members. 
     Make sure you have marked your calendar for Laguna Fest, July 14, 2012.  We have a whole host of activities lined up for the day. Spread the word far and wide, as friends and families would love to see the happenings at your local CSA farm!
     Laguna Fest is currently accepting donations for our “clothing swap”.  This year, we are going to expand on last year’s popular event and we will “up-cycle” the clothing by providing participants with sewing machines, irons, fabric, patches and embellishments.  If you find a nice pair of jeans, you can cut them off, add trim and a patch and make it your own!  Please drop clothing donations off in the barn.  Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing in awesome condition appreciated.   

Be Well,
Jennifer Branham

Laguna Fresh Produce 

In Your Box Tuesday 6/19/12  

 From Laguna Farm, please enjoy our “Naturally Grown” salad mix, carrots, chard, basil, corn and celery from California 


In Your Box Thursday 6/21/12   

 From Laguna Farm, please enjoy our “Naturally Grown” salad mix, carrots, bok choy, basil, corn and leeks from California



Fruit share includes:  Blueberries, apricots and plums! 

Laguna Farms Recipes 

Our recipes went on vacation this week.  See ya next week!  


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Musicians, Magicians and Marvels!
We are looking for local folks who might like to share their talents at Laguna Farm’s annual open house and festival, “Laguna Fest” 6/14/2012.  We’ve appropriated most of our funds towards workshops and skills demonstrations, but want to round out the day with more music and entertainment.  If you might like to donate your craft, please contact us.  With so many members participating already, this should be a real community event!