June 12, 2012


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June 12, 2012
     Five minutes ago, Gerardo walked into the barn with 6 baskets of sweet sun gold tomatoes.  Summer is officially here at Laguna Farm, and the focus is irrigating the crops.  It is quite an art, moving the lines daily so all the fields get the water they need.  Nacho is putting in 12 to 14 hours a day with early morning and late evening irrigation as his focus.
     In the office, we are getting up to 5 phone calls and e-mails a day from members wanting to put their CSA box on a “vacation hold”.  Our box numbers have dropped significantly as a result.  Please know that Community Shared Agriculture is a relationship that should be symbiotic in nature.  The farm agrees to grow the crops putting in the long hours and investing time in the spring so the summer bounty is abundant and plentiful for all our members.  We ask that you, as members, support the harvest by picking up your weekly share and if you need to go out of town, consider donating your box to one of our charities for a tax deduction.  The worthy folks at Food For Thought and the Ceres Project really appreciate it.  If you do have a friend or a family member who would like to pick up your box for you, we will gift both you AND them with a gift certificate for our farm store.

Be Well,
Jennifer Branham

Laguna Fresh Produce 

In Your Box Tuesday 6.12.12

From Laguna Farm, please enjoy our “Naturally Grown” salad mix, beets, potatoes, Bok Choy, broccoli and onions from Hollister

In Your Box Thursday 6.14.12

 Laguna Farm, please enjoy our “Naturally Grown” salad mix, beets, potatoes, Bok Choy, broccoli and onions from Hollister

Fruit share includes:  Grapes, Nectarines and Plums!

Laguna Farms Recipes

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Farm Market News!

On June 17th only, the Santa Rosa Farmers Market will set up on Sunday from 8:30 to 1:00 at the Wells Fargo Center.  Normally we vend on Saturdays, but due to a pre-scheduled event, the market will move to Sunday for this one week.  Consider coming out!  It will be a great opportunity to meet Ignacio aka “Nacho” who will join Jennifer at the market stand.  If you ever wanted to ask Nacho a question or thank him for the beautiful produce he grows, this will be a fun time to meet him.  


Tailor Maid Coffee

Laguna Farm is proud to carry Taylor Maid Coffee in our farm store.  We will be including in our online store soon.  Thank you for buying  Tailor Maid at Laguna Farm!


Laguna Fest:  Tickets only $10.00

Laguna Fest  is asking for a $10.00 donation for adults and $5.00 donation for children to cover the cost of the event and to benefit the Sonoma County Herb Exchange and Laguna Foundation.  Get your tickets for Laguna Farm’s open house and reskiling festival.  No one turned away for lack of funds.
We will gather on July 14th at Laguna Farm for a full day of workshops, music, tours, food, speakers, vendors and fun.  Work-trade positions available!