Juicing With A Blender


You don’t need a juicer to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

fennel lime cucumber juiceAre you trying to pair down your appliances or simplify your life?  Perhaps with this “how to” post on juicing with a blender, you can reduce the number of small appliances you use on a daily basis.  With a high-speed (or even an inexpensive blender) soft fruits and vegetables can be chopped up to the point of releasing their juices and strained through a sieve or cloth to slowly strain the pulp from the juice.  This is basically what your traditional juicer does for you, only now you can do the same thing with your blender.  

For my fennel, lime, cucumber juice simply add 2 bulbs of trimmed fennel to the blender along with one whole cucumber (skin and all) with a peeled lime or lemon.  

Add about 8 oz cold, filtered water and blend until smooth.

 Once the fruits and vegetables are blended well, pour the mix into a cloth produce bag and let the juice strain through the cloth.  Squeezing the pulp from the juice takes about a minute.  

Add the juice back into the blender along with several cubes of ice.  Wizz it up one more time and you have a refreshing juice made with your blender!