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November 15, 2016
Dear Members,
Thanksgiving news:
     As always, we will be closed on Thanksgiving (Thursday November 24th ).  We will make and deliver the Tuesday boxes on Tuesday and the Thursday boxes on Wednesday. This way we will all be able to make our feast and take the day off too!  If you have any questions about our holiday schedule, reach out!  We will be happy to explain the schedule change.
     On Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 to 7:00 we will open our barn doors to the public to shop for a local holiday.  If your friends or family are interested in checking Laguna Farm out, feel free to send them over.  We will have a fully stocked store for their Thanksgiving dinner.
Eat well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, beets, leeks, sweet peppers, cauliflower or potatoes, garlic and butternut squash.


All winter squash can be roasted. In my opinion, roasted butternut squash is the best.  Follow this recipe that I adapted from All Recipes and enjoy! Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

Peel butternut with a potato peeler and cut in half at the center.  Use the cut edges as a base and cut each half down the length. Scoop out the seeds and cut into bite-sized cubes.

Toss butternut squash with olive oil and garlic in a large bowl. I like to use rosemary olive oil. Season with salt and black pepper. Arrange coated squash on a baking sheet.

Roast in the preheated oven until squash is tender and lightly browned, 25 to 30 minutes.

CSA trades and exchanges:  If you pick your produce up at the farm, you will see an exchange basket.  This basket is for you to swap produce on the exchange list.  Please limit your exchanges to what is available in the basket, and pay for the items you take out of the store. This way we ensure there is enough diverse produce in the store for everyone.  Thanks!
Juice Boxes
Carrots, beets, chard, cucumber, apples, celery, oranges, lemon.
Carrot_ orange_ apple_
So often, I find myself going back to those familiar juices that enjoyed when I first started juicing 20 years ago.  Carrot, apple and orange in any amount makes the perfect juice and it has really stood the test of time.  In fact, when I try to encourage people to try juicing vegetables, this sweet, fruit rich combination is a great place to start. From here, you can expand into adding celery, beets, ginger or a squeeze of lemon.  Whatever you choose, the base of carrot, orange and apple is a great starting point.
Seven ideas for carrot, apple and orange juice:
1. Carrot, apple, orange warmed with a cinnamon stick.
2. Carrot, apple, orange with one beet root.
3. Carrot, apple, orange with a squeeze of lemon.
4. Carrot, apple, orange with ginger.
5. Carrot, apple, orange as a base of a smoothie blended with frozen berries and banana.
6. Carrot, apple, orange with celery and cucumber juice over ice.
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