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Laguna Farm Newsletter

Thank you for supporting local agriculture!
November 8, 2016 
Dear Members,

One by one, people are walking into the barn stunned over the results from last night’s election. After several great conversations, I come away with the resolve to continue to work to strengthen our local community. I honestly feel that our national climate can inspire our local resilience. In times of uncertainty, we come together. Support one another. Build upon the good and thrive. 


Over the next two months, Laguna Farm is seeking to expand our CSA. Our numbers are lower than what we can accommodate and our financial stability requires that we up our CSA membership. I have great hope that we can get our numbers back up to the point where we can feel more secure in our farm’s future. Please know that I will be reaching out to you to ask your support in this quest. Together we can build a sustainable local food community that will continue to feed our belly, heart, and soul.

Thanksgiving News:

As always, we will be closed on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 24th ). We will make and deliver the Tuesday boxes on Tuesday and the Thursday boxes on Wednesday. This way we will all be able to make our feast and take the day off too! If you have any questions about our holiday schedule, reach out! We will be happy to explain the schedule change.

Produce boxes will likely contain salad, potatoes, carrots, onions, chard, sugar pie pumpkin and parsley. If you are reading this newsletter and are not currently signed up for our CSA, please consider ordering a
Thanksgiving produce box. No membership is required as this is a one-time purchase.

Eat well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, carrots, kale, potatoes, kabocha squash, parsnips.

In this week’s newsletter, I am featuring Parsnips.  If you would prefer to learn about your kabocha squash, I suggest reading this

Lots of members are asking how to cook parsnips. I like to cut off the very top, trim the large tail then slice each parsnip in half. I rub a bit of olive oil on my hands then rub my hands on the parsnips. This coats the roots lightly. At this point I sprinkle a bit of salt on the parsnips. Finally, transfer your parsnips onto a baking pan and roast for 20 minutes at 350′ or until they are the texture of potato wedges.
Roasted parsnips combine well with beets and carrots.  If you still have your fennel from last week, consider roasting your fennel alongside the parsnips.

CSA trades and exchanges:  If you pick your produce up at the farm, you will see an exchange basket.  This basket is for you to swap produce on the exchange list.  Please limit your exchanges to what is available in the basket, and pay for the items you take out of the store. This way we ensure there is enough diverse produce in the store for everyone.  Thanks!
Juice Boxes
Carrots, lemons, kale, apples, persimmons, beets and cucumber.
Persimmons are fun to juice.  They are sweet and produce quite a bit from the juicer.  I have juiced persimmons with carrot and a small nub of ginger and found the sweetness in perfect balance. Persimmon also pairs well with apple and any citrus. For the juicer, you want your persimmons to ripen up to a full orange, don’t let them get too soft. Firm persimmons are best for the juicer.  If they do get soft, consider using them in a smoothie.
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