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October 11, 2016
Dear Members,
    I hear the rain is coming on Thursday night, so we are using this as a deadline to bring in the winter squash.  Today was the first real look at our Halloween carving pumpkins and to my delight every single one of them is perfect.  I hope you enjoy the photos of today’s harvest.
Laguna Farm Pumpkin Harvest
5 little pumpkins


As the winter squash is brought in from the fields, I invite you to slow down, heat up your oven and enjoy the very best of our fall harvest.

Eat well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, Beets, Cucumber or Squash, Spring Onions, Parsley, Potatoes, Carving Pumpkin!
Pumpkin Curry Soup:  Yes, you can cook your carving pumpkin!
1 onion, medium dice
1 tablespoon coconut oil, ghee, or clarified butter
2-4 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, minced
1 teaspoon curry powder
3/4 teaspoon coriander
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1 medium-sized (2-pound) pumpkin, cut in half with seeds and pulp removed
3 1/2 cups stock, vegetable or chicken
1/2 cup coconut milk
Cayenne pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste
1 7-ounce container Greek yogurt, for garnish
Toasted pumpkin seeds, for garnish
Parsley or cilantro, for garnish
Method:  Cut your pumpkin into large pieces and remove the seeds and flesh.  Rub with oil or ghee and bake in an oven at 350′ for 45 minutes or until soft. While the pumpkin is cooling, saute the onion in oil or butter until soft.  Add the spices, stock and coconut milk and heat slowly.  Carefully scoop the pumpkin away from the skin and into the soup pot. Compost the pumpkin skin.  With an immersion blender or in a regular blender in batches, process the soup until smooth.  Add more stock if the soup is too thick.  Heat the soup until desired temperature while stirring. 
Serving: Ladle the pumpkin soup into bowls.  Add a dollop of greek yogurt on the top with toasted pumpkin seeds and cilantro or parsley as garnish.
CSA trades and exchanges:  If you pick your produce up at the farm, you will see an exchange basket.  This basket is for you to swap produce on the exchange list.  Please limit your exchanges to what is available in the basket, and pay for the items you take out of the store. This way we ensure there is enough diverse produce in the store for everyone.  Thanks!
Juice Boxes
Carrots, Beets, Apples, Oranges, Parsley, Berries, Cucumber.
I am so happy to see California citrus.  While I love my berries as a smoothie staple, fresh orange juice is the base to many juices.  Here we have a simple, energizing combination of beet and orange.  Start by juicing your oranges in a citrus juicer.  Add one or two beets to your orange juice to taste.  Drink slowly at room temperature. If you prefer a sweeter juice, consider adding carrot and apple to the mix.  I am sure you will love the combination of beet and orange.
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