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Halloween is Coming!
We would love to see your Halloween creations!  If you carve, paint or decorate a Laguna Farm pumpkin, please share a photo with us by e-mailing jennifer@lagunafarm.com or sharing it on facebook.
New Book Exchange

One thing I know about books, is they love to be passed around and read.  Do you have books on your shelf that someone might like?  Please consider donating them to the Laguna Farm Book Exchange.  We have a shelf where anyone can take a book and leave a donation (if they can). All money donated will go to CSA families who are using Cal-fresh to purchase their produce. This money will provide them with additional money for fruits, vegetables, breads, milk or grains from our farm store.

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September 30, 2014

Laguna Farm Happenings!
Dear Members,
The season is changing here at Laguna Farm as we bring in the winter squash from the lower fields and pick the apples and pears from the orchard.  With the shorter days, we have seen a decrease in berries, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.  Soon, the produce boxes will contain foods like winter squash, potatoes, parsnips and leeks.  Foods that we slowly cook, roast, stew and warm our tummies with as well as our homes.
you pick pumpkins!  I noticed this weekend that the carving pumpkins got HUGE this year!  Every family gets one pumpkin as a part of their CSA box and you are welcome to select your own from our field anytime now.  This weekend, Nacho will bring some to the barn so if you don’t want to go into the field and lug 20+ pound pumpkin to your car, we got you covered!  Home delivery and neighborhood pick-up members: we will deliver a pumpkin to you in the coming weeks with your name on it.

Be well,
Jennifer Branham

Cauliflower with leaves. Savoy Cabbage a Laguna Farm Favorite
Farm Fresh Cauliflower & Savoy Cabbage
Tuesday Produce Boxes:
Salad mix, spring onions, cilantro, savoy cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, Asian pears, delicata winter squash.
Thursday Produce Boxes:
Salad mix, spring onions, cilantro, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, Asian pears, delicata winter squash.


Juice Boxes Contains: 
Spinach, two bunches of carrots, apples, beets or cucumber, Asian pears, berries, kale.

spinach juice

    I notice so many “juicing” photographs on pinterest that show HUGE glasses of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. The reality is, we only need (or really want) to drink a small glass of pure juice, so these images seem a little out of reality…
   The juice boxes this week contain a bag of fresh Laguna Farm spinach.  Spinach can be juiced or blended into fruit and vegetable juices.  It’s mild flavor blends perfectly with apples, lemons, cucumber and ginger.
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