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May 18, 2016
Dear Members,
We happy to say that the first of the spring carrot crop is being harvested. They sure are a funny looking bunch as our carrot crop was slowly growing during some pretty cold days. Rather than pushing down further into the chilly earth, some decided to fork off and stay near the surface.  These carrots are still your tasty Laguna Farm carrots that you have been craving and will be in good supply during the coming months.  New to the farm store is cucumber and zucchini squash.  Soon these summer veggies will be filling the CSA produce boxes.  Juicers, expect cucumbers moving forward along with several ideas on how to pair this juicy and hydrating veggie.
Be well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, Fennel, Bok Choy, Yellow Onions, Shiitake Mushrooms, Chard, Carrots on Tuesday, Beets on Thursday.

This is a stir-fry box if I’ve ever seen one!

For a basic and adaptable stir fry sauce, gather the following ingredients:

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 1/4 cups water

1 tablespoon grated ginger

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon sugar

4 teaspoons cider vinegar

2 tablespoons dry sherry or rice wine

From here, for an incredible stir fry, chop your onions, mushrooms, fennel, carrots or beets, and bok choy.  Keep them separate in small bowls.  Heat your favorite oil in a large pan on medium-high. The general stir-fry rule is 1 pound protein to 2 pounds produce.  I suggest chicken or tempe. Cook your protein in the oil.  Remove then add mushrooms and onions to the pan. Cook until caramelized then remove and add to the bowl of protein. Add your beets or carrots to the pan and stir-fry until just soft then remove and add to the bowl of protein and onions and mushrooms.  Finally, stir-fry your fennel and bok choy together.  Once they are tender, add all the vegetables and protein back into the pan and incorporate with the stir fry sauce.  Serve over noodles or rice and enjoy!

Juice Boxes
Fennel, Cucumber, Chard, Carrots, Beets, Strawberries, Oranges, Bok Choy.


Hydrate with cucumber!
Last summer, I experimented with a recipe that incorporated fennel, cucumber and lime. the result is a refreshing juice that is slightly sweet and very hydrating.
Juice 1 large cucumber, 2 fennels, fronds, bulb and stem, and squeeze in 1 lemon or lime.  Pour over ice and enjoy!
While I love to suggest juicing celery, it is currently out of season.  I can suggest other green veggies like bok choy, fennel and cucumber to take the place of celery.
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