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Thank you for supporting local agriculture!
March 21, 2016 

Dear Members, 

Thank you for voting Laguna Farm 
“Best CSA in Sonoma County”
Every year, readers of the Bohemian are invited to vote on what they view as the “best” in our county.  All of us at Laguna Farm are deeply touched that consistently readers vote our CSA as the best.  It is increasingly important that local farms stay relevant in the communities they are supported by.  

Laguna Farm not only grows outstanding produce, but we also:
1.  Donate to local food banks and families in need.
2.  Contribute to local schools via auction items and tours.
3.  Provide educational workshops, classes and tours.
4.  Regenerate and protect our precious Laguna de’ Santa Rosa.
5.  Maintain biodiversity by growing over 100 varieties of crops. 
6.  Welcome payments via EBT (foodstamps) with bonus bucks and dignity.
7.  Host a book-swap and exchange.
8.  Feature cottage businesses in our artisan store.
9.  Collaborate with area farmers in seed buying and equipment sharing.
10. Hold a deep appreciation for our CSA members, farm-market patrons, restaurant accounts and wholesaler.  It is such a pleasure being your farmer. 

I am super happy to announce that we have just received a new product line that we are featuring in our farm store.  We are working with a small co-packer out of Auburn, California who uses organically sourced ingredients in their products.   

At this time, this is a trial run, and during the summer, if the idea takes off, we hope to have our tomatoes and peppers as ingredients in these jars.  For now, they are sourced from California, organically certified and promote our farm through the label.  Come to the farm stand to try these tasty creations and consider purchasing a jar.  They will be featured in our online store soon.
Be Well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, Kale, Broccoli, Beets, Spinach, Green Garlic, Tangerines.

Green Garlic, get it while you can!
CSA members have been learning about and enjoying green garlic.  It is the leek-like looking item in this week’s box.  Green garlic is the tender, young garlic that is harvested before it creates a bulb and is cured.  Simple to use, slice it fine and enjoy it as you would regular garlic in pasta, on bread, saute’d with eggs or blended with garbanzo beans, lemon and parsley for a memorable dip.  
Juice Boxes
Beets, Navel Oranges, Tangerines, Apples, Celery, Spinach, Kale.

Beets and oranges, a match made in heaven
Williams-Sonoma describes beets and oranges as a match made in heaven, and I do not disagree. For an amazing pick-me-up, peel 2 navel oranges and juice them along with 2 small red beets.  Pour the juice over ice and enjoy.
Note:  Beet juice is an energizer, so this is a perfect way to start the morning and may not be the best in the evening.
Adapted from Juicy Drinks, by Valerie Aikman-Smith (Weldon Owen, 2012).
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