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Green garlic and juicing without a juicer

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February 23, 2016
Dear Members,



It feels like early spring at Laguna Farm as we are harvesting asparagus, green garlic, tender saute’ greens and baby spinach.  We are at the end of the carrot crop and may not see the new carrots for several weeks.  What is exciting is the very small basil plants peeking out of the soil in the green house.  Every year, Nacho does his best to start these plants early.  I hope we don’t get a late frost that will kill this tender, savory annual! True to winter, we are bringing in citrus from Healdsburg. Beautiful navel oranges, Meyer lemons, limes and grapefruit are being harvested by Gerardo and available in the fruit share, juice box and in the farm store.


The first thing Nacho and I did when we took over operations at the farm over 5 years ago, was plant fruit trees.  Hoping this investment would pay off in time, we filled the holes in the orchard with apples, pears, plums and persimmons.  While some of the trees lived and thrived, several died from being ravaged by gophers.  Additionally, our irrigation was not reliable and with the lack of water the trees were stressed and didn’t thrive.  Last week we headed out to the nursery and purchased more trees to replace those we have lost. There is symbolism in planting fruit trees. It symbolizes a desire to tend the land long-term.  It symbolizes generosity to those who come after us.  It symbolizes hope for the future.  As farmers who focus mostly on annuals, it feels good to put some deep roots down.
Be Well,
Jennifer Branham
Produce Box:  

Salad Mix, Carrots or Turnips, Broccoli, Green Garlic, Saute’ Greens, Sweet Potatoes.


Green garlic a rare and delicious find!

One of the many benefits of buying direct from the farm is the ability to find green garlic. Very different from the white head of cloves that is common to every produce stand, green garlic actually resembles a leek!  Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your green garlic:  Green garlic pesto, saute’ turnip greens with green garlic, green garlic toast!

Juice Boxes
Carrots, Apples, Meyer Lemons, Beets, Baby Greens, Celery, Kale, Tangerines, 


Green juice in a blender
One of my main goals with the CSA juicing box is to show members how easy it is to make fresh, nutritious juices daily.  From my silly “juice cubes” that I swear by, to encouraging you to use the equipment you have at home without the need to buy fancy gadgets, my hope is that you will add at least one fresh juice or smoothie to your day.  The video attached shows you how to make a simple green juice in a blender.  I hope you enjoy!
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