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Save The Date 
(and your clothes) 

July 17th 

Join Laguna Farm for a summer evening of community building. From 4:00 to 7:00 we invite you to enjoy a picnic under the oak tree.  We will host an informal tour, enjoy a potluck picnic, a small camp-fire and a clothing swap.  Wow!   What a fun-filled night, not to be missed!  So save the date, and any gently-used clothing that you can donate to the swap, and Join Us!


Ready, Set, PESTO!

Ready, Set, PESTO!  Bulk bags of basil are available in the farm store!  Pre-order your basil for pesto making today!  This “deal” will last as long as basil is in abundance, but we strongly suggest you order as soon as you know you want it.  Don’t wait like Jennifer did last year and find yourself purchasing pre-made overly salty pesto from the grocery store.

If for any reason, you are not able to pre-order your basil, give us a ring and we harvest to order.

May 19, 2015
Dear Members,
     We are gushing with cuteness this week on the farm!  Last summer, Nacho’s 6 year old daughter developed a passion for bunnies.  Every other week she brought a baby bunny into my office hoping it was a girl.  “No, honey.  This one is a boy too!”  Four bunnies later, I was able to tell her that she finally had a girl bunny.  All the bunnies live alongside the chickens and geese free-ranging in the large enclosure.  The boys chase each other and they all love the girl equally.  Since April, we have been on baby bunny watch as the girl dug holes and played with the boys and dug more holes.  No babies…. Finally I thought maybe I should re-check that girl to make sure I was not mistaken!  No need, as last week we discovered her litter inside a nesting box in the chicken coup.  

As you can imagine, Nacho’s daughter is over the moon with joy.  We are looking forward to watching these little ones grow up on the farm.
Be Well,
Jennifer Branham

Produce Box Contents:
Salad Mix, Beets, Fennel, Garlic, Kale, Basil, Spinach.

 I found and tested a new recipe for burgers.  I have published the Ceres Project Carrot Beet Burger recipe in the past, and that is super good with smoked cheddar cheese.  Here is my new favorite as it is the same idea, only vegan!  Check out this recipe and method for Bistro Beet Burgers!

Juice Box Contents:  
Carrots (2 bunches), Spinach, Lemons,  Fennel, Ginger, Cabbage, Strawberries. 

Let’s Juice Cabbage!


1 cucumber

1/2 of a medium cabbage

1-2 apples

2  lemons

1 inch piece of ginger

Wash, prep, cut into manageable juice-able pieces and send them all down your juicer. If the juice is a little strong, I suggest adding a dash of filtered water or blending it with ice.


*tip:  Whenever you are juicing a vegetable that you are unsure of, like maybe cabbage, consider juicing it into a separate jar then adding it slowly to your blend tasting along the way.  I have been juicing cabbage and enjoy the flavor it adds to my juices, so this recipe contains more than what you may want. 


For more ideas on juicing your cabbage, Healthy Blender Recipes has some great ideas.  I suggest replacing celery for fennel at this time of year as fennel is in season while celery is not!

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