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If you are out of town, feel free to call 823-0823 before 9:00 am on Monday and we will save your box for a Monday pick-up.  
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Laguna Farm is open for membership and ask you to spread the word that locally grown food is abundantly available this winter season.

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Juicing in the 
New Year
Would you like to join us in juicing in the New Year? Many CSA members are adding a juice box onto their regular order.  A “Juice Box” is a CSA box that is made up of 80% produce and 20% fruit that is selected with juicing in mind.  Try it!
January 1, 2015
Happy, Healthy New Year!

     We have assembled beautiful produce and juice boxes for our members this week and are thrilled to be putting carrots in your boxes again.  While most of our produce is slow to grow in these cold temperatures, the carrots are abundant and sweet.  

     First thing this morning, several of us made a supper yummy carrot, ginger, apple juice to start the year out right.  This morning ritual brings me to the timely topic of “detox” and juice-fasting.  It is a touchy subject in the circles I find myself in, and I do not want to offend. I would like to start out this year, juice in hand, by inviting you to look at your magnificent self and say “I am not TOXIC!”  “I am a beautiful representation of life flourishing and radiant.” Okay, that may be a little too much, but even though I am in the business of heath food I like to see myself as someone that encourages you to eat well because it is tasty, fresh, great for you and you are worthy.  Add juice to your day but don’t fear that you must use it to flush away the toxins that are building up… I am reassured that my liver is doing that. Yes, eat more kale, but don’t if you hate it.  Enjoy spinach, chard, or collards instead.  Eat what you love, prepared the way you like it, and in the words of Mike Pollan, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” 

     January 1st is an inspired time to set intentions for the year.  You might cut out sugar, eat lean proteins, incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, take a salad to work, exercise daily, laugh more… the ideas are endless.  Laguna Farm is here to help you in support of your health and wellness.  I only suggest that you make these resolutions for yourself out of self-love not out of fear or self-loathing. 

     Be Well,

Jennifer Branham

Produce Box Contents:
Salad Mix, Chard or Kale, Carrots, Ettinger Avocados, Parsley, Romanesco, Fingerling Potatoes

Shrimp, Rice, and Kale Swiss Chard Roll Recipe |
Shrimp, Rice, and Kale Swiss Chard Roll 

This wonderful recipe can be made with a variety of vegetables and grains.  His tip with the fork is noteworthy as the chard stem makes rolling the wrap difficult.  I have made similar wraps with collards and kale as the “tortilla”.

Juice Box Contents:  
Carrots, Chard, Kale, Apples, 
Beets, Meyer Lemons, Celery.

Warm Apple Carrot Juice

During the cold winter months we lean toward warming juices to nourish us.  It can be hard to leave the house during the frosty mornings with a frozen green-smoothie in hand.  Instead, consider warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and star-anise. Also, physically warming your juice as in apple cider, broth, or try this warm and spicy carrot-apple drink recipe.  
Remember, you can always add-on to your juice box with items from our online farm store. 

Are You A Foodie?
Real, practical, budget conscious lovers of food are gathering around the local farm-fresh bounty and welcome Laguna Farm’s CSA members!  You may have seen their donation jar in the farm store, or heard about their Meet-up Group where workshops, events and give-away’s are hosted.  Check out the Foodies Project and see how you can become involved.

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