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March 7, 2017
Dear Members,

     On Tuesday, we are putting spinach in the boxes instead of our salad mix.  If you regularly order “extra salad”, you will get your 1/2 pound as we are able to harvest enough for the pre-orders.  The cold and rain is setting us back in our summer planting. Usually at this time of year, we are tilling the lower fields so the organic matter can break down in time for spring planting.  With the amount of rain we experienced over the weekend and on Monday, we will not be able to get a tractor in the lower fields for quite some time. 
     As I have written before, during this time of year we always buy from other farms to supplement what we are growing here.  Healdsburg citrus is still abundant and for that we are very grateful.  

Squash and basil seedlings at Laguna Farm
Squash and basil March 6th
Be well,

Jennifer Branham-Burns
CSA trades and exchanges:  If you pick your produce up at the farm, you will see an exchange basket.  This basket is for you to swap produce on the exchange list.  Please limit your exchanges to what is available in the basket, and pay for the items you take out of the store. This way we ensure there is enough diverse produce in the store for everyone.  Thanks!
Produce Boxes

Spinach and Parsley on Tuesday, Salad mix and Cilantro on Thursday
Carrots, Green Garlic, Celery and Tangerines from Healdsburg.

Green garlic pizza
California Bountiful_s Green Garlic Pizza

Green Garlic Pizza!
Spring is the perfect time to enjoy home-made pizza.  The evenings are still cool enough to inspire us to turn on the oven and there are plenty of tender vegetables that lend well to a topped cheesy crust.
California Bountiful has a wonderful green garlic pizza recipe that uses parsley and shrimp.  Click on the photo to learn how to make this unique pizza.
For any pizza, I start with a
basic pizza crust.  There are many to choose from, and while sometimes I add 1/2 whole wheat flour, I find my family likes this basic white bread crust.  I health it up with the toppings though…  I often double the batch and bag up the remaining dough for the freezer. 
Spring pizza toppings can include asparagus, fresh goat cheese, spring onions, parsley, baby spinach, broccoli shoots, arugula, saute’d leeks, mushrooms and even caramelized carrots. Be creative and stay away from fresh tomatoes at this time.  Local tomatoes are well worth waiting for and will be abundant this summer.  Here is a recipe for e
nchilada pizza that utilizes the spring harvest.
Enchilada Pizza
Start with a
basic pizza crust or a pre-made crust. 
Spread enchilada sauce over the crust.  Top with a small amount of m
ozzarella cheese. Sprinkle on hard Mexican cheese (Casero queso fresco) is my favorite.  Bake in the oven parc aquatique gonflable until done (this will depend on the directions on your pizza dough.  Top with cilantro, caramelized green garlic and drizzle with sour cream.  
Juice Boxes: 


Oranges and

Tangerines from Healdsburg, Hawaiian 

Ginger, S


Beets and 


Ginger root is a great addition to many juices. 
Carrot, apple, ginger.
Beet, Carrot, ginger.
Celery, apple, ginger.
Tangerine, ginger.
These are just a few of the many ways to incorporate your ginger into your juice.  
Because ginger has a low PH, it will start to spoil within 24 to 48 hours once juiced. For this reason, I suggest a few ways to keep your ginger fresh.
1.  Juice only what you need and store the rest in a zippy bag in the fridge.
2.  Juice the entire rhizome and freeze what you don’t need immediately by pouring the ginger juice into small ice-cube trays.  
3.  Because ginger yields a small yet pungent juice, consider juicing the whole rhizome and adding the juice to a neutral base like water, lemon or carrot before freezing it into single-use cubes.

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