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January 31, 2017
Dear Members,

     On February 11th from 10:00 to 2:00 Laguna Farm will host the second Day Of Action.  During this time, we are going to canvas the streets of Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Petaluma inviting folks to come to the farm, join our CSA, receive coupons, learn about our upcoming events and receive a guest pass for our farm store.  We are finding that many people do not know about our farm or have always wondered about it.  Now is the time to invite our community to experience local, sustainable agriculture.
     If you would like to join us, please hit reply and I will send you more details.  While we are calling it a Day Of Action, I see it as a day of offering as well. Join us!
Cody age 14.
Cody age 7.


     Laguna Farm is happy to have Cody Branham Burns join our CSA packing team.  Cody has been stomping around the farm since he was 2 years old. Now that he is almost 15, Cody has Tuesday and Thursday mornings available to help out on the farm for work experience credit and paid wages.  While Cody is not a fan of the early and cold mornings, he has quickly become an expert at tying salad bags and gently putting produce in the bins. Best of all, Cody’s quirky sense of humor has us all laughing and having a good time.  Welcome Cody!

Eat well,

Jennifer Branham-Burns


CSA trades and exchanges:  If you pick your produce up at the farm, you will see an exchange basket.  This basket is for you to swap produce on the exchange list.  Please limit your exchanges to what is available in the basket, and pay for the items you take out of the store. This way we ensure there is enough diverse produce in the store for everyone.  Thanks!
Produce Boxes
Tuesday:  Salad, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery.
Thursday:  Salad, carrots, onions, celery, cauliflower and citrus from Healdsburg.
Jennifer’s top 10 things to do with celery!
1.  Eat it raw with peanut butter or ranch dressing
2.  Stir-fry with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms.
3.  Add to potato salad.
4.  Juice it with carrot and apple.
5.  Celery, carrot and onion saute’d with butter or oil make the perfect start to any soup or chili.
6.  Cut in small pieces and top your tacos!
7.  Add a little crunch to your egg salad, chicken salad or tuna salad sandwiches.
8.  Juice with cilantro and lemon or lime.  Pour over ice and enjoy!
9.  Saute with onion and add to homemade stuffing.
10.  Use your imagination.  Hit reply to suggest your favorite way to eat celery.
Juice Boxes: carrots, rainbow carrots, celery, cilantro, kale, citrus.
Sleep with celery


When I juice,  I first look at the fruits and vegetables I have available, then I combine them based on taste. Lately,
I have been paying more attention to the way juicing makes me feel.  Ever since I found myself bouncing off the walls one evening after drinking a juice with beets in it, I have considered the side benefits and their appropriateness of such benefits.  Today I learned that celery may help those struggling with insomnia, fall asleep!  T
he minerals and essential oils in the juice of
celery may have
a calming effect on the nervous system. Celery is high in magnesium that can help you relax into a soothing and restful
Celery is wonderful juiced with cilantro and citrus.  Celery, apple and carrot is a classic that almost everyone loves.
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