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Upcoming Events:
Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers
March 28th 4:45
Join Laguna Farm and Slow Food Russian River at the movies! Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers, filmed at the Gilroy Garlic Festival and other locations around Northern California, was selected in 2004 for preservation in the United States’ National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” The film takes a loose, freewheeling approach to the “stinking rose” as a tasty seasoning but also as a symbol for traditional ways of life. 

Sonoma County Herb Exchange

Herb Exchange

April 7th and 20th

2-4pm at Laguna Farm.

The Herb Exchange is our neighbor on the farm.  You may have seen the little red barn beyond our wash-tanks.  This is the Herb Exchange.  They would like to invite you to see what they are all about.  At the same time, Laguna Farm will invite the folks picking up local herbs to come see how we grow! 

March 24, 2015
Dear Members,
     This week, inspired by the amount of cabbage leftover from the Saint Patrick’s Day harvest, we threw together a “pop-up” kraut making party.  It was a perfect trial run as we are going to host a do-it-yourself room at the Fermentation Festival August 22nd at the Finley Center.  Currently I have my kraut fermenting away in the barn office and look forward to tasting it next week.  Some will be available in the farm store for a limited time.
     Your produce boxes feature the early spring harvest.  Asparagus and Thursday’s green garlic are only available for a limited amount of time on the farm. Enjoy them while you they are here!
     This weekend is all about the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival as Laguna Farm is once again pairing up with our friends out at Slow Food Russian River to sponsor “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers”.  The short film: “Gap Toothed Women” will air just before the feature.  The film festival is a unique time of year where Laguna Farm celebrates agriculture, farm-workers, food and and culture as it is shown in film.  I hope to see you at one of many films and if you come to “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers”,  I will personally give you a pungent party favor fresh from the farm.
Be Well, 
Jennifer Branham

Produce Box Contents:
Salad Mix, Saute’ Mix, Sweet Potatoes, Lemon, Cilantro, Green Garlic or Beets.

Cilantro rice

Cilantro rice is a great way to use up your big bunch of cilantro. Simply saute’ 1/4 cup of spring onions or green garlic in oil or butter.  Add 1 cup of white rice to the pan and saute’ until the rice is opaque.  Add 2 cups of water and cook 20 minutes.  While the rice is cooking, mince 1//2 bunch of cilantro into fine pieces.  Add the cilantro to the rice once the rice is tender.  Serve with lemon or lime and a garnish of fresh cilantro.  I like to add toasted pumpkin seeds to the mix with a dash of salt to taste.

Juice Box Contents:  
2 bunches of Beets, Celery, Apples, Valencia Oranges, Lemon, Mixed Baby Greens, Cilantro
cilantro cooler
Cilantro Cooler:  
Juice 5 sprigs of celery add the  juice of 1 lemon, juice or blend with a small handful of cilantro and add a splash of water to taste.  I suggest drinking this cooler over ice as it feels more hydrating when it is cool.
Once cucumbers come into season, instead of celery, cucumbers can be substituted.


During the year we are having several events on the farm and out in the community where we could use a hand or two.  If you are interested in volunteering at an event on the farm, please hit reply and we will contact you when the opportunity arises.  Unfortunately due to the specialized nature of our farming practices, we are not able to take volunteers into the field to do the planting or harvesting.  Some events include: May 2nd:  Blossoms, Bees and Barnyard Babies
July 17th:  Clothing Swap and Potluck
August 22nd: Farm to Fermentation Festival
September 26th: Weekend Along the Farm Trails
1764 Cooper Road

Sebastopol,, CA 95472