Farm Tours

Come tour Laguna Farm and see how we grow on the first Thursday of the month from May to October.

Tour over the year-round creek and learn how we rotate our crops throughout the growing season.

Laguna Farm is set beside the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Northern California’s largest fresh water marsh.  Our farm tours bring people into growing fields and alongside nature.  Every farm tour is different as we answer your questions along the way.

Peek into our “hoop houses” and see how we are able to grow hot season produce in a cool coastal climate.

Some topics discussed include:  Organic farming, pest control, gophers, heritage oak trees, native plants, heirloom vegetables, seed saving, irrigation, water conservation, companion planting, Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), harvesting techniques and weed control.

We are not able to offer special tours outside our “First Thursday’s”.  We do encourage members to take a self-guided walk along the farm.  So much changes from week to week, we would love for you to see your produce from the time it is a seedling in the greenhouse to the point of transplant then harvest.

In addition to our growing fields, you are welcome to visit the beautiful Laguna de Santa Rosa and tuck into the shady trees to get your feet wet.  (Children must be carefully supervised at all times).  Under the canopy of trees a wonderland awaits full of lush vegetation, song birds, wetland reeds, pools, streams, frogs, crawdads, fish, egrets, heron, turtles and many more inhabitants of our watershed.