Farm To Work Wellness Program

Farm To Work Wellness Program

Laguna Farm CSA is happy to be a part of your workplace wellness program.  With deliveries throughout Sonoma County, we offer a farm-to work option that brings our produce directly to your employees weekly.  In addition to our award winning produce, we offer recipes, cooking tips, food storage solutions, juicing demonstrations, farm tours, fermentation workshops and more.  With our recipes, you can learn how to transform raw fruits and vegetables into healthy delicious meals.

A Farm Fresh Workplace (or workplace CSA) is another offering within the CSA model where local farms deliver their customer’s share to a place of employment.  This makes the Workplace CSA program a convenient and attractive way to participate in the growing trend of buying farm goods directly from local area farms.  Laguna Farm would like a minimum of 7 shares to be purchased through your workplace in order for us to deliver.  If you are not able to meet the 7 member minimum, consider joining in with another local business or having employees come to the farm to pick up their produce.  You can still be a Farm Fresh Workplace if someone picks up for everyone or if each individual comes to the farm.

“We love having our produce delivered weekly.  It is like having a garden without doing all of the work!”

“It makes it easy to eat well and the fresh produce is so delicious.  It inspires eating at home and trying new recipes.”

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of engaging in proactive employee wellness programs.  For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the average employer saves 3.72 in medical costs.  In addition, sick leave, health plan costs, worker compensation and disability costs decrease by about 25% per year with a wellness program in place. (1)

Whether or not you choose to help subsidize the cost of employee CSA shares or simply help facilitate the program, there is little doubt that engaging in a Workplace CSA can help reduce costs to your business.  The evidence is widespread and compelling that investing in your employees and their wellbeing will pay dividends in terms of employee productivity, retention and loyalty.  Additional positive benefits include:

  • Employees who are subscribers to a Workplace CSA instantly share something in common with their peers allowing them to make new connections while they discuss recipes, trade items with each other and share cooking stories.
  • Many employers have seen increased camaraderie because a Workplace CSA can bring together employees from multiple departments, if even for a short period of time, who otherwise interact infrequently throughout the normal course of business.

Please contact Jennifer Branham, if your are interested in developing a Workplace CSA.