Farm Policies and Procedures


If you would like to permanently discontinue your CSA box, it is your responsibility to go online and discontinue our service.
We are unable to “quit” your CSA box for you.

How our program works
The CSA Box is a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables that you order and pick up at one of our designated pick up locations.  The goal of Laguna Farm is to facilitate a direct relationship between the consumer and the food producer (the farm).  Additionally, we value our ability to make fresh seasonable produce accessible to those with limited incomes.

Our program is very flexible and allows you to choose what works best for you. We offer produce boxes weekly or every-other week and you can choose to have your box delivered to your house, a neighborhood pick up location or our farm. You can also choose how many boxes you pay for at once and how you pay for them.

Box Pricing and Cal-Fresh
All of our boxes are offered to everyone at the same price. Our program is intended to make healthy food affordable to everyone but we know that many of you could use some help.  For this reason, we have signed up to accept Cal-Fresh commonly known as “food stamps”.  If you want to pay with your EBT card, simply signup for farm pick up and enter all your information as requested including a credit or debit card.  Your credit /debit card will be charged for your first purchase. From then on, when you come to pick up your box, we will swipe your EBT card and not charge your credit card for your purchases.  If you do not have a credit card and want to pay with Cal-Fresh, please contact us and we will request a $20. deposit to be used if you don’t come and pick up your box and swipe your card.

Order and Payment Deadline
All orders, payments and holds or order changes are due by 12 pm  on Friday for the following week’s deliveries.  If you want to change your location,  or make other changes to your order you must make changes to your account online by the Friday deadline.  It is your responsibility to make these changes.

Vacation Holds
Laguna Farm relies on members continuing their CSA regardless of their vacations schedule.  If you think about it, you continue to pay for your cable, house, vehicle insurance and the like while you are on vacation, so why not continue to pay into your farm?  At Laguna Farm, we continue to harvest, irrigate and employ those who grow your food and suffer the financial loss when members put their boxes on “hold”.  That being said, we are still proud to be one of the most flexible CSAs in California.  For that reason, we have a 2 week skip policy for our CSA.  If you know you will be unable to pick up your box for a certain week and want to use one or both of your “skips”, you must call the office at (707) 823-0823.  The deadline for holds is the Friday prior to receiving your box.  After Friday at 12:00, all requests to “hold” a box will result in you donating your box and being charged for it. This includes Cal-Fresh members, as your box is “ordered” for the following week on Friday.   Charges go through on Saturday and can not be reversed. We cannot cancel or skip your box in the same week as delivery.

How to make Payments Credit and Debit Cards
You can use the online payment system to pay using credit or debit.

Cash and Check
Some members request to pay their box by cash or check.  While credit / debit card payments are processed weekly, cash and check customers must pay monthly to limit our processing time.  Please call the office at (707) 823-0823 to make arrangements.  It is our preference that members pay by having a credit card on file as it is more dependable and limits our administrative time considerably.

We cannot accept EBT payments over the phone or online. When you place your order and get to check-out select the option for credit card. You must then put a credit card on file as a back up for your EBT card or call us to put a $20. deposit on file.  Please contact us to make arrangements to come in person to pay with your EBT card. Your payment must be received at the farm by 12 pm on Friday so we can charge you for your CSA box.  If your payment is not received by the deadline your credit card will be charged unless you cancel your CSA subscription.

Missed Pick-up
If you don’t pick up your box during the pick-up window it will be donated to someone in need of produce. We cannot issue you a refund or extend credits on your subscription.  Pick up times at neighborhood pick up locations are on the day of delivery. Times vary, but boxes are always delivered in the afternoon. We can not hold boxes at neighborhood pick up locations beyond the day of delivery.  Our farm is closed on Sunday.  If you have not picked up your box before Saturday night, you may call us at 823-0823 BEFORE 9am on Monday and we will hold your box for late Monday pick up.  We can not hold boxes after Monday as we need the space for our Tuesday CSA.  If you do not pick up any ordered milk before Saturday night, it will be donated.  We can not hold milk for late pick up.

The store is a benefit of membership
Because you are receiving a CSA box from Laguna Farm, you are invited to shop in our farm store.  Our store is located at 1764 Cooper Road in Sebastopol and is well marked.  Please see our store hours for information as to when we are open.  If you receive your box every-other-week, you are welcome to shop in our store on your “off” weeks.  We also welcome our delivery and neighborhood pick up site members to come to our farm store. We accept Cash, Checks and EBT cards in our farm store.  We do not accept Credit Cards in the farm store and ask that you be prepared to pay for your purchases.

The following pertains to Farm Pick Up ONLY. Delivered Boxes have details at the end of this section.
First Farm Pick-up
If you are picking up your CSA for the first time, we ask that you come during the hours our farm store is open. This way we can meet you, show you around and give you a brief orientation. After your first pick up, you can come anytime after 1:00 on your pick up day and up until 9pm on Saturday night.
How to Pick Up Your CSA: Farm pick up members will park in our parking lot and make their way to our barn. We have a large walk-in cooler where CSA boxes line the shelves. Look for your CSA on the shelf alphabetized by first name. Once you find your CSA, pick up any dairy items you may have ordered. Dairy orders are on the shelf above the produce bins. Come out into our open air barn and transfer your purchases into your own reusable bag. Please leave our plastic bin behind. EBT members should then swipe their card to pay for their CSA and reserve the next week’s box.

Trade policy
We want you to like the fruits and vegetables you bring home, and we understand that everyone does not like everything. For this reason, we offer Trades and Exchanges.
Trades are when you trade an item in your box for any Laguna Farm item in our farm store of equal value. We list the items that qualify for trade on the blue information table in the barn. We always let you trade your salad mix out as we know we can resell salad. Produce like onions and potatoes that are not as perishable often qualify for trades as well. Exchanges are when we allow you to trade produce within a small group of available produce from the farm. Usually cooking greens, summer squash and fennel are on the Exchange List. If you don’t want one thing on the list, you can exchange it for another item on the list. This way you go home with two of one thing, but nothing you don’t like! Come in and ask us about our “Trade and Exchange” policy. We will be happy to talk you through it.

Delivered Produce Bins
Neighborhood pick up: You must pick up your produce on the day it is delivered. If you are not able to pick up your produce, it will be delivered to a family in need. In emergencies, we may be able to hold your box at the farm to give you additional time to pick it up. Please transfer your produce into your own box or bag leaving our plastic produce bin behind at the site.
Home Deliveries: We highly recommend you leave a cooler on your porch or in the shade in a obvious location at your house. Ice is recommended for summer months. If we see a cooler, we will transfer your produce into the cooler and take the bin with us. If no cooler is left, we will leave the produce bin in a shady spot and expect to pick up an empty bin at the next delivery.

Auto billing
CSA boxes are paid for on an automatic basis. Your credit card will be billed on the Saturday night prior to delivery. If you are paying with Cal-Fresh benefits, your card will be swiped when you pick up your CSA box. If you do not pick up your CSA, you will still be charged for it. Cal-fresh members will have their deposit used and will need to provide a new deposit prior to scheduling another CSA box.
It is your responsibility to quit your CSA online. You will be auto billed until you go online and quit your CSA box.

Damaged Or Missing Food:
If your produce was damaged in transport or if an item is missing from your box, please let us know and we will give you a replacement item.