CSA Questions & Answers

Q: Will I be notified before my first box pick-up day?

A: After signing up for a subscription online, you can check your delivery dates by logging into your subscription account and clicking on See what’s in my box/ View calendar icon. You will also receive a confirmation email after signing up online.

Q: How do I shop online for add-ons?

A.  First, log-in to your online subscription account.  Click on the Shop for add-ons now and enjoy the selection!  You may order new add-ons on a one-time-only basis, and you can also order an item every other week, even if you have a weekly box!  When you are done adding items, click the proceed to checkout button and you will be asked for your credit card information.  You need to fill this out once, after which it will be stored online on a secure server.

B.  At this time you have to use a credit card for all add-ons (this will change in the future). The system will charge your credit card weekly for your add-ons. This is true even if you make a payment by check (no matter how big) by mail or in person: the check applies to your box payments only.

Q: When is the deadline to change or add orders to my subscription?

A: Ordering add-ons must be placed by Friday midnight, in order to be included in your next Tuesday or Thursday box. If you place the order after this time, your add-on will start 2 boxes from the order entry.

Q: What if I’m out of town on vacation?

A. We have never found a switch to turn our plants’ growth on and off. Therefore, we ask our members to gift their box to a friend, employee, or neighbor.  This makes a wonderful gift, and these folks often end up joining the farm.  We do allow two skips per year.

B.  How to put your box on hold (skips): Please feel free to email us at csa@lagunafarm.com or call us at 823-0823.  All holds must be placed by Friday by noon the week prior to your delivery.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept last-minute cancellations. One option is to have a friend pick up your box to try us out for a week!

Q: When / how do I pay for my produce?

Payments by credit card

A.  You sign up for a subscription and receive a delivery of fresh, local, “living food” produce weekly (or scheduled, as you prefer).  Your credit card is charged upon initial sign-up for your first week and then every Friday at midnight going forward. This is a pay-as-you-go program, where you pay every Friday night for the next week’s box. There are no invoices. If you put your delivery on hold before Friday midnight the week prior to delivery, your credit card will not be charged.

Payments by check or cash

A.  You are welcome to pay for your box by check or cash, although this system works best with a credit card. And we continue to encourage quarterly payments in advance.

  • There are no invoices. When paying by credit card, your account is charged every Friday night at midnight for the next week’s box.  When paying by check or cash, what is new is you need to pay in advance for your box. If you don’t have sufficient money on account, there could be an interruption in your service. It’s up to you how many boxes you want to pay for in advance.
  • Please ANNOTATE your check with how many weeks or months you are paying for. If you pay weekly by check or cash, your payment must be received and entered into Laguna Online before Friday 5 pm or you will NOT receive a box the next week.

B.  As a back up, you might wish to enter your credit card information so that if your check payment runs out, your next box would be charged to your credit card and there would be no interruption in your service. This would also enable you to order add-on’s.

Q: When paying with check or cash, how will I know if my box credits are expiring?

A: Laguna Online will email you an alert that your subscription is expiring. It takes us about 5 business days to process all the checks at the farm.  You can also keep track of your box credit totals by logging into the billing site in Laguna Online.

Q: When paying with check or cash, how do I deliver bin payments?

A. Farm pick up folks: you may give your check/cash directly to the barn staff, they will data enter it, and you will see your new box balance.  Be sure to annotate your check as ONLINE payment. If no one is in the barn, you may drop your payment in the deposit box

B. Drop site folks: you will need to mail in your box payment a good two weeks in advance to give time for the mail delivery and check processing at the farm. Be sure to annotate your check as ONLINE payment

The farm staff does not want an interruption in your service, so we will put extra focus on expiring accounts.

Q: How do I calculate quarterly box payments?

How to Estimate Quarterly Payments:

52 weeks per year divided by 12 months = 4.33 boxes / month

One quarter is 4.33 times 3 months = 13 boxes

So, a quarterly bill is 13 times $18.00/box = $234.00

(Many thanks to everyone voluntarily paying quarterly!)

For other invoice related questions please email csa@lagunafarm.com or call 823-0823

Q: May I pick up the produce after work? In other words, when does the refrigerator close?

A: You may pick up your box after 1 PM on your subscription day, and every day after that day from 9 AM to 9 PM, until Saturday at 9 PM, after which the boxes are donated to local food banks. For more details see our Store and Pick-up Hours page. If you are running late, call (707) 823-0823 and ask the staff in the barn to leave your bin outside the cooler. If you’re unable to pick up your box by Saturday evening, and you’d like us to hold it for Monday, call the barn phone (707) 823-0823 before 9:00 AM Monday morning.

Q:  Do I take my food home in the plastic bin?

A: Whether you pick up at the farm or pick up at a drop site, do NOT take the big plastic bin home. Bring your own bags to pack up your food and leave the empty bin. REASON: we have over 500 members and we rotate the bins. So for a drop site, we drop off a bin full of your vegetables and pick up your empty bin to return to the farm. If you have bins at home, please return them to the farm or your drop site.

Q:  How do I cancel my membership?

A: You may cancel your subscription at any time, penalty free. Simply log-in to your account and go to change subscription. From here, click cancel subscription. A subscription cannot be canceled while an order is in progress, so you might receive one more box before this takes effect.  Members are 100% responsible for the cancellation of their account.