The Environment


As farmers and local business owners, we play a vital role in protecting our environment. Our production, harvesting, marketing, packaging and distribution methods all conserve energy and natural resources while reducing waste and encouraging re-use.

Laguna Farmers conserve water through a variety of responsible irrigation practices. We limit our mid-day irrigation cycles and irrigate the crops mostly in the morning and sometimes evening hours. Several of our crops are “dry-farmed” or “water-stressed” which produces a superior fruit (by concentrating it’s flavors rather than pumping them up and watering them down) and saves water too.

We add locally produced and farm-made compost to our fields. Using local organic compost supports the composting efforts of Sonoma County citizens and reduces the dependence on trucked in amendments. By replenishing our soils with locally produced compost, we add nutrients back into the soil and do not deplete our land over time. This practice is done naturally in a way that gives back to our planet rather than chemically which in turn depletes and degrades it.

All of our seed sowing, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, washing and packing is done by hand. This creates jobs, adds a personal oversight to our production and reduces our carbon footprint with a human touch. Laguna Farm salad greens are tended and harvested in a way that large monoculture farms can not do. Our greens are individually cut and bagged; never mowed with diesel powered equipment.

Farming on a floodplain brings us the added responsibility of protecting our waterways and the wildlife that depend on it. Our tilling cycles are planned based on environmental factors such as water conservation, top-soil retention, and erosion control. Great care is taken to protect our wildlands surrounding the Laguna de’ Santa Rosa.

Our business structure supports sound environmental practices by being a truly “local” farm. Our membership-based farm returns customers weekly. This cycle allows us to send out our produce in reusable packaging only to have it returned into our farm cycle. Reusing berry baskets, tomato baskets, egg cartons, produce bins, milk bottles, paper bags and boxes along with minimalist packaging make a huge difference on a global scale.

Laguna Farm’s energy and resource conservation techniques include LED lighting, solar power, our famous straw-bale insulated walk-in cooler, irrigation timing, efficient produce delivery, gray-water management, reusable packaging, community-wide composting and much, much more.