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May 31, 2016 
Dear Members, 
I would like to give a big welcome to the new additions to Laguna Farm, the healthy eaters at West County Health Centers.  Both Forestville and Sebastopol centers have become “neighborhood drop sites” where folks in the area can pick up their CSA produce box weekly.  More and more health centers are inviting Laguna Farm to serve their community as the link between wellness and eating more fruits and veggies is clear.

This week’s produce box is featuring fresh dug potatoes!  There is nothing like eating a spring potato that was dug from the earth just days before consuming.  In fact, the potatoes in the “Tuesday” produce boxes were dug on Monday and the potatoes in the “Thursday” produce boxes were dug on Tuesday.  You really can’t get much fresher than that.  This is part of what brings our health centers to our CSA.  Access to super fresh,locally grown produce rewards you with optimum nutrition. 
Remember, we are encouraging folks to customize your box by adding on extra fruits and vegetables. If you would like to  create a “standing order” you will get produce items in your CSA box before it goes into the store, thereby putting you in the front of the line for items that are often sold out.  Home delivery and neighborhood drop site folks can get carrots every week with a standing order. It is best for us that you manage your extra purchases yourself, but if you need help, we will gladly assist you. Just hit reply and let us know what you would like added on to your CSA.
Be well,
Jennifer Branham-Burns
Produce Box:  
Salad Mix, Cucumber, Zucchini, Carrots, Kale, Super-fresh Potatoes and garlic.

New Potatoes or Super Fresh, Laguna Farm Potatoes.
New Laguna Farm Potatoes
New potatoes are freshly harvested young, or small, potatoes. They do not refer to any variety, but rather the season and freshness. They have paper-thin skins and lots of moisture inside, and they tend to be sweeter than older potatoes (in much the same way that freshly picked corn is so much sweeter than cobs that have been sitting around for a few days). New potatoes are pure perfection in potato salads or simply boiled with a bit of butter and a few chopped herbs.  I suggest eating them as simply as possible so you can enjoy the earthy taste come through.
Juice Boxes
Cucumber, Kale, Fennel, Strawberries, Oranges, Carrots, Nectarines.

Carrot Nectarine Smoothie!
Here is to the first time I have ever tried making a smoothie out of carrots.  I usually pop them into the juicer and either drink the juice as is, or use the fresh carrot juice as the liquid in a smoothie.  Our Laguna Farm carrots are so super juicy, you can smoothie up the whole vegetable, keeping th fiber in your drink.  Here is how I successfully made a smoothie out of carrots and nectarines: Cut one medium or two small carrots into thin pieces. Add to your blender and pulse on high until thoroughly shredded. Cut the pit from one nectarine and chop into large pieces. Add the nectarine to the blender along with one cup of almond milk. Blend until completely smooth. Sprinkle a teaspoon of chia seeds on top and enjoy!  For those who like frozen smoothies, consider freezing your nectarine ahead of time and substituting up to 1/2 of the almond milk with ice.  Blend the ingredients on high. 
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Juicing With A Blender

You don’t need a juicer to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

fennel lime cucumber juiceAre you trying to pair down your appliances or simplify your life?  Perhaps with this “how to” post on juicing with a blender, you can reduce the number of small appliances you use on a daily basis.  With a high-speed (or even an inexpensive blender) soft fruits and vegetables can be chopped up to the point of releasing their juices and strained through a sieve or cloth to slowly strain the pulp from the juice.  This is basically what your traditional juicer does for you, only now you can do the same thing with your blender.  

For my fennel, lime, cucumber juice simply add 2 bulbs of trimmed fennel to the blender along with one whole cucumber (skin and all) with a peeled lime or lemon.  

Add about 8 oz cold, filtered water and blend until smooth.

 Once the fruits and vegetables are blended well, pour the mix into a cloth produce bag and let the juice strain through the cloth.  Squeezing the pulp from the juice takes about a minute.  

Add the juice back into the blender along with several cubes of ice.  Wizz it up one more time and you have a refreshing juice made with your blender!