And You!


Have you ever wondered why during the hot summer months you crave sweet berries, juicy tomatoes, refreshing melons and light spring salads? Notice how in the winter we devour vitamin C packed citrus, while warming the home with slow-cooked stews. We oven roast carrots, beets, parsnips and squash, bake potatoes and eat hearty! Eating local seasonal foods are what our bodies and often lifestyles crave. Your weekly CSA box or farm market offerings guide you toward “in season” eating. Biting into corn the day it is picked and enjoying carrots with their life force radiating from them brings you the most nutrient dense flavorful produce available.


Children who’s families subscribe to our farm-shares develop a deep appreciation for where their food comes from and the seasons in which they find them. Often just knowing that the beets came from “the farm” will encourage otherwise skeptical eaters to take a bite, then another, then another! Soon enough they are found nibbling fennel fronds while asking for another bunch of carrots PLEEEEASE!


Local access to clean, healthy, chemical-free, seasonal produce is an important consideration that goes beyond taste and texture. Your health, environmental sustainability, food security, local jobs, and the greater Sonoma County economy benefit from your participation in this growing movement.